Elas estão nuas, cobertas de glitter e longe dos padrões de beleza – e tudo bem

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Redação Hypeness Acreditamos no poder da INSPIRAÇÃO. Uma boa fotografia, uma grande história, uma mega iniciativa ou mesmo uma pequena invenção. Todas elas podem transformar o seu jeito de enxergar o mundo.

Nada de belas, recatadas e do lar. Essas mulheres estão nuas, cobertas de glitter de cabeça aos pés e longe dos padrões de beleza! E o resultado dessa mistura é maravilhoso! ♥

A ideia de fazer fotografias com os corpos cobertos de glitter partiu de um grupo de 15 mulheres australianas apaixonadas por lingeries. No ensaio, elas tiraram tudo e mostraram uma celebração aos seus corpos em uma área rural de Queensland.

Com idades entre 19 e 36 anos, as mulheres envolvidas apresentam diversos tipos de corpos, a maioria deles fora dos padrões impostos pela sociedade. O ensaio feito por elas foi publicado através de suas contas do Instagram utilizando a hashtag #positivelyglittered. Segundo o HuffPost, Esta foi a terceira vez que as moças realizaram o encontro anual, que foi apelidado por elas de Glitter Extravaganza.

É sensacional! Vem ver:

Last year, I met a beautiful group of girls on Instagram. We met up to watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show and eat cheese. The second time ever that I met them, we did a nude glitter photo shoot on a beach. I actually hadn't felt that comfortable in a very long time. I got to know these beautiful humans more and make amazing new friendships and memories. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group of women celebrating their bodies.. our differences and similarities. The third Glitter day was our best yet. FIFTEEN! beautiful girls pranced around rural QLD, covered head to toe in shiny colours – laughing and enjoying each other's company and just being ourselves. We were incredibly lucky to have the perfect person to join us and photograph this. I've been fortunate enough to shoot with her outside of this day and I love getting to know this amazing, inspiring, talented and strong woman. @jillkerswillphoto – I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being you. . A lot of people looked on our Glitter shoot last time around calling for more diversity – believe me, all are welcome here. Get in touch. We are just a group of like minded friends from Australia and this is who we are, in all our dorky glory. Some were saying that women shouldn't be stripping off their clothes to make a point about body positivity, some judged our motives and some even judged our intelligence. You do you. I'm doing me. I give people things to talk about and I'm not stopping. If you have followed me for even a few posts worth – you will know that I struggle. I don't love my body every single day. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do. But I suffer a lot in my mind and in my body due to illness. I find it necessary and enjoyable to express myself – and I do this through things like this photo shoot, lingerie, art nude and music. It's my life. And it's a goal reset each day for me to learn to love what I have. This body has seen me through everything. I'm thankful for that. And this shoot and the one before it (and frankly every single shoot I'm involved with) reiterates that for me. It helps me more than I know how to say. . Thank you and love to each and every person involved❤

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Some more glittery goodness before bed #positivelyglittered promoting body positivity in the most sparkly way ?

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MOOOOOOOORE GLITTER!! I'd say this is the last for now, but I really can't make any promises… and who would want it to stop here?! I've had a few conversations in the past couple of days regarding university, and it's astounding how much my self doubt has decreased since deferring. I don't learn by someone talking at me, and I know that's what tutorials are for, but it's seriously discouraging to be super interested in a topic, but having it just not sink in properly yet. Now I don't have that pressure, I'm not feeling stupid a lot of the time. It's crazy how we expect everyone to learn the same when there's science telling us that's not how we humans work. Another thing I'm super trying to do is to say yes. Sometimes I forget and when I remember later I wonder 'what if', but that's the purpose of this exercise! My father asked me if I wanted to drive on the beach and I thought 'naaaaahhhhhh I'm too tired' but then we found some P plates and off I went! It's just the little things… ? by @jillkerswillphoto #positivelyglittered

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