Essa blogger não tem medo de mostrar ‘as verdades’ do seu corpo e por um ótimo motivo

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Redação Hypeness Acreditamos no poder da INSPIRAÇÃO. Uma boa fotografia, uma grande história, uma mega iniciativa ou mesmo uma pequena invenção. Todas elas podem transformar o seu jeito de enxergar o mundo.

Mulheres reais têm corpos que fogem do glamour das capas de revista, quer aceitemos isso ou não. Finalmente, muitas delas estão passando a encarar isso da maneira como todos deveriam fazer: celebrando o seu próprio corpo e toda sua beleza. É o que vem fazendo a blogueira Kenzie Brenna.

Através do Instagram, Kenzie compartilha fotos verdadeiras do seu corpo, sem retoques e sem poses forçadas para parecer mais magra ou bonita do que já é. As fotografias que posta na rede social costumam ser sempre acompanhadas de mensagens positivas e mostram que pode ser preciso um pouco de dedicação para aprender a amar o seu corpo, mas o esforço nesse sentido sempre vale a pena.

#selflovebootcamp day is #embracethesquish ?? Okay! So! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 I'm curvy. Totally. But I don't have massive tits or an ass to go with those curves. I have thighs and hips. Most times my clothes fit in odd disproportionate ways but I obviously make it work. I pull down my shirt often because I'm scared people will notice that I'm disproportionate, that my "RATIOS" aren't wonderful. But then I think about my friends like @chooselifewarrior and how she has spoken about how her body type isn't ever featured in the media because she doesn't have the typical hourglass shape. She beautiful as fuck tho ???? And then I consider that I DO have an hourglass shape even tho it has its own quirks to it. I realize the "struggle" I have can be privilege in and amongst itself. On the spectrum of problems, it is actually quite manageable. I say this not to devalue the fight we all have with our size, shape and thickness but to better put into perspective how others have struggles I will never go through. Today; I wanna honour the struggle that you battle which I may never go through. I want you to do the same for myself and others. ✨〰✨〰✨〰✨〰✨〰✨ Through this we give space, attention and love where needed most. (At least I hope.) And ALSO. BREAKING NEWS; I fucking love my hip dips! ??????✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊? Like actually and truly. I relish in them all day, the neurosis of "I need to change this so badly" is gone. Self love works if ya work it ?? #youareperfect #beyourownkindofbeautiful #nobodyshame #loveyourself #evenifithurts #especiallyifithurts

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As mensagens de aceitação publicadas pela blogueira já inspiram mais de 150 mil seguidores na rede social, onde ela compartilha mais sobre sua vida e visão de mundo. E suas fotografias não poderiam ser mais verdadeiras.

Espia só!

Here are my thoughts when I look at my least favourite part of my body. ———– "They're not usually this noticeable." "If you only had the money to get rid on them." "They actually look kinda cool." "Sorta like a the beginning of a story." "More like the beginning of a LONG story." "Would I erase my story to not have these?" "You'd probably be more comfortable without them." "Would I truly though?" "Okay ask yourself the question." "I don't wanna." "Just do it." "Does this affect the quality of who I am?" "No." "Would it make you a better person if you got rid of these marks?" "No." "Would it make you kinder, more generous and a better lover if you had the money to erase them?" "No." "Then you're perfect." "I don't feel perfect." "That's cause perfect isn't a feeling." —— you guys get it ? you don't have to be in love with yourself everyday, but I PROMISE if you practice self love you will have more loving moments with yourself than you could ever dream of. ☁️? KEEP DREAMING. KEEP LOVING. KEEP AT IT. #selflovebootcamp #loveyourself #beyourownkindofbeautiful

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"How do you have sex if you hate yourself?" "What tips do you have for being with your partner if you have an eating disorder?" "How do you be intimate if you can't love yourself first?" Sooooo these are a few questions I received in my last q&a, the link is in bio ?? First question is at the 3 min mark and the second question is at the 7 min mark, but I received soooo many more questions specifically in regards to physical intimacy and self love/bdd/ed issues. I understand this this issue is; Sensitive Sacred Creates a certain shyness- So I try to be as gentle and thoughtful about this topic as possible ? I'm gonna do a whole video exclusive to this bc I don't think it's been spoken about too much (@mindsetforlifeltd has done one in her YouTube channel!!!!) ???? If you have a specific question, DM me!! I can't promise I'll answer it but I will try ? Ok ok happy day beauties!!!! #selfiesunday bc I love myself and my hustle ?✨ #selflovebootcamp #sexEDsunday (is that real? Should we? I dunno lol) #sacredspaces #loveyourself

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? HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY! ? "Above all, be the HEROINE of your own life not the victim." ?✨ I am feeling BEAUTIFUL today!!!! And you know what?! So are you! I love my smile and the light behind my eyes and my body #feelinmyself I also love my strive to be a better person, I love how much I love hot sauce and I love that I keep trying to heal myself no matter how hard it is. ? For women's day I want all women and female identifying people to comment something that they truly love about themselves. I would LOVE to hear!! If you CANT comment something abt yourself, choose a username in the comment section and compliment them on something!! Celebrate yourself today, celebrate women!! (Not just today tho, always ?) #internationalwomensday #youareamazing #youareperfect #youareworthy #loveyourself #selflove #fuckya

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If you all told me this time last year, I'd be doing this, I would have lost my shit on you. "Are you kidding?!" "I can't show that!!" "It's apart of myself I've been trying to get rid of for years!!" "Not until it's gone." "Not until I'm smoother." "Not until I'm leaner." "Not until I'm different." The reason why these thoughts are particularly harmful in re to cellulite is that cellulite is LITERALLY harmless. It has nothing to do with health. Nothing to do with health. Btw, nothing to do with health. Nothing to do with; Physical capabilities. Agility. Stamina. None of it. It is ONLY a cosmetic issue. ? Cosmetic. Cos•me•tic It exists in 90% of women. ? It doesn't discriminate against body types, it happens at different levels of body fat %'s, from body posi fat babes, to thinner women like me, to bikini competitors. ? It's COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO YOUR HEALTH. IT HAS NO INDICATION OF YOUR ATHLETICISM. IT SURE AS SHIT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF YOUR BEAUTY ✨? It exists in 90 fucking percent of women because we are genetically predisposed to having it. THE ? EXACT ? SAME ? WAY ? MEN ? ARE ? GENETICALLY ? PREDISPOSED ? TO ? HAVING ? BEARDS ? As if a freckle. Or birthmark. Or being born with brown hair vs red hair. It just exists! ?‍♀️?? It's still difficult for me to accept, but I keep these facts in place and I try hard to know my body isn't doing anything wrong. My body isn't against me. ? This is how it looks. This is me. ? And it's okay for you to be you too. Rock it, boo. #happysaturday #cellulitesaturday #cellulite #cantspellcellulitewithoutulit #litaf #nowrongwaytobeawoman #loveyourself

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