O desafio de maquiagem que está rolando no Instagram é incrível e muito necessário

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Redação Hypeness Acreditamos no poder da INSPIRAÇÃO. Uma boa fotografia, uma grande história, uma mega iniciativa ou mesmo uma pequena invenção. Todas elas podem transformar o seu jeito de enxergar o mundo.

Tudo começou com um ataque de pânico em uma festa da empresa. Foi quando a blogueira e maquiadora Yasaman Gheidi precisou ir embora mais cedo, dizendo para os colegas que estava apenas com dor de cabeça. Algum tempo depois, ela decidiu contar a verdade não apenas para eles, mas para o mundo.

Assim surgiu um desafio nas redes sociais: a ideia de Yasaman era mostrar em um lado do rosto como ela realmente se sentia, enquanto deixava o outro com sua aparência normal. Inspirado pela animação DivertidaMente (que na versão original se chama “Inside Out”), a blogueira chamou o desafio de #InsideOutChallenge.

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O desafio busca mostrar que as doenças mentais sempre têm dois lados. E a repercussão depois do primeiro vídeo lançado por ela foi tão grande que a hashtag rapidamente se espalhou pelo Instagram, onde outras pessoas compartilhavam seus rostos maquiados mostrando como elas se sentiam.

"When people think of adhd, they think of a little boy who runs around like a mad man. ADHD isn't just for little boys with hyperactivity, it manifests differently for girls hence why many girls don't get diagnosed. I spent most of my life being the type of person who was very energetic and was an easy learner but little did I know that for woman, adhd was only really visible when they hit high school or college. It hit me hard because i skated through class and class not worrying about actually studying because I had a quick mind. When things got harder to understand, my mind didn't compensate and I was left thinking something was seriously wrong with me because I couldn't focus on anything. ADHD isn't something you can slap onto yourself when you're feeling hyper because to me, not being able to focus and being bombarded with my own thoughts isn't a joke. ADHD hasn't ruined my life or made me sad, it made me realize that I'm the way I am for a reason. My brain works differently than others and I am glad to be who I am, inside and out." -Isa Z #insideoutchallenge #adhdawareness #kaleidoscopesociety #adhdwomen #adhd

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#insideoutchallenge this is my representation of my depression. Forced to smile when I am mentally broken.

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Top Photo: The me that you see every day. My slight smile, brown hair, and freckle-filled face. You've had conversations with me. You've laughed with me. You've maybe sat next to me in class. This is the me you know. Bottom Photo: Major Depression. Social Anxiety Disorder. General Anxiety. Trichotillomania. Panic Disorder. The me you don't know. The crying spells, the body shakes, heart palpitations, and the hyperventilating. Quiet, scared, hurt, and angry. My mouth stitched over because I sometimes don't have a voice. My eyes and face black from rivers of mascara flooding my face. My face colorless due to feeling scary, crazy, and different. Black color to my face representing the feelings of worthlessness, desperation, and helplessness slowly taking over my entire being with each giving day. Trying to win. This makeup challenge was brought up a long while ago, and I finally had the balls to do it. Everyone is fighting their own battles that you have not a single clue about. Everyone is fighting. Maybe even fighting for their life. Mental illness is scary. No one wants to face it because of the lack of knowledge surrounding it. People deserve to feel worth and important. Mental illness is real. You are worth. You are worthy of life. I am so proud of you for pushing through. #mentalhealth #stopthestigma #insideoutchallenge

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@Regrann from @lilmoonchildd – #Repost @bat.barbie with @repostapp ・・・ I'll be posting 3 photos in the next few hours. All are of the same makeup look, inspired by @lilmoonchildd 's #insideoutchallenge. The challenge is to raise awareness of/for mental illnesses. The goal is to show how uniquely someone can be emoting on the inside, despite a normalized outward appearance. ? I inherited depression and anxiety disorders from my mom, who inspires me constantly to keep moving forward. I know there will always be road blocks, but I'm actually really happy by how much understanding there is on social media now about anxiety/depression. It doesn't have to be a dark mystery! Everyone's experience is different. The more the social stigma lifts, the better. Thanks and praise to everyone who helps humanity toward this goal. ? I'll explain my makeup concept and how it reflects my anxiety in my next post. ?Lip is KVD's Lolita. White pigment is by Kryolan in Pearl over Mehron white water cake. More details to follow. ?(Check out @lilmoonchildd 's page, btw! She's an amazing human being and one of my favorite MUAs on Instagram.) #makeup #portrait #creativeportrait #anxiety #depression #regrann

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