A ex-coelhinha da Playboy que hoje é a modelo de lingerie mais idosa do mundo

Mari Dutra - 06/04/2018 às 05:28

Depois de ter sido coelhinha da Playboy, Dorrie Jacobson decidiu que gostaria de seguir nesta carreira. Aos 83 anos.

Hoje, ela é considerada como a modelo de lingerie mais velha do mundo e exibe seu físico orgulhosa por aí. Afinal, quem disse que idade precisa definir o quão sexy uma pessoa é?

Para inspirar outras mulheres e mostrar que é possível envelhecer e continuar se sentindo maravilhosa, Dorrie criou uma conta do Instagram onde compartilha todo seu estilo.

Para uma mulher de 80 anos, tirar a roupa e ficar só de lingerie em público é a última lição em positividade corporal e autoaceitação“, escreveu ela em um post na rede social.

Standing in my old Playboy Bunny outfit on Fremont Street in Las Vegas…at 8am in the morning takes chutzpah, especially when you’re in your 80s. But sometimes women need to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior in order to create change. So here I stand, in my underwear, sporting a bunny tail and ears…telling the world that beauty is not something society is gong to define for us anymore. Women’s allure is not defined by a number. We are beautiful at every size, and at every age, and we will wear what we like, regardless of our number….and we will wear it boldly and beautifully! #ageless #playboy #style #bodypositivity #vintage #playboybunny #ageisjustanumber #agelessbeauty #bodypositive #girlpower #seniorstylebible #83andglam

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As definições de terceira idade acabam de ser atualizadas.

Ela não é maravilhosa? 

When society tells older women what they can and cannot wear, an unspoken fear begins to set in….the fear of looking ridiculous. So we stop wearing sexually provocative clothing because the media tells us that it isn’t “age appropriate” for older women to expose their bodies in any way. That we’re “past it” and therefore should cover up. So here I stand, playing shuffle board at a Las Vegas casino in my sexy lingerie, without a doubt….looking quite ridiculous…to make a point. I don’t care what other people think. I don’t care whether this sexy look is age appropriate or not! I feel great in it and so it’s appropriate for me. We have to stop letting invisible voices rob us of our self-confidence and take back our power by wearing whatever makes us feel beautiful…regardless of our age or body type. #agelessstyle #bodypositive #lingeriemodel #over50style #sexylingerie #bodypositivity #advancedstyle #seniorstylebible #83andglam

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At 83, I think I’m probably the oldest @playboy Bunny left standing. When I launched the Chicago club with Hef back in 1960, I knew I was witnessing something very special, but I never expected it to kick start the sexual revolution. Now 58 years later, I’m putting my “bunny ears” back on and kick starting another revolution. One that redefines aging. It’s time for old broads to show the world that women’s sexuality doesn’t have an expiration date….that older women can assert their sexuality and bare their bodies proudly. Aging is an attitude. Don’t let anyone make you feel anything less than beautiful, ladies. #bodypositivity #ageless #beauty #sexy #oldbroad #oldlady #playboybunny #playboy #style #commonwealthlv #seniorstylebible #83andglam

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This is part of a new lingerie series that I’m doing to promote body positivity and age diversity in fashion. I may be 83, but I still love lingerie. I am not giving into wearing old lady “granny panties.” As an older woman, I wear sexy lingerie because it makes me feel beautiful and I think I project that to the world. I decided to bare my imperfect, 80-something body because I think it’s important for women of all ages to know that “sexy” isn’t something that just suddenly expires. It’s time we stop listening to that message…and start writing a new, more inclusive definition of beauty. ? @jax854 #bodypositivity #agelessstyle #oldagebeauty #bodybeautiful #bodypositive #lingeriemodel #oldlady #lingerie #photoshoot #commonwealthlv #seniorstylebible

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