Artista redesenha personagens clássicos e os resultados assustam

09 • 11 • 2019 às 16:07
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Gabriela Glette
Gabriela Glette Uma jornalista e produtora de conteúdo que mora na França. Apaixonada por viagens e inquieta por natureza, ela encontrou no nomadismo digital o segredo de sua felicidade, e transforma a saudade que sente da família e amigos em combustível para escrever suas histórias. Gabriela também é fundadora do site Quokka Mag, onde fala apenas sobre coisas boas!

What do characters like ‘Bananas in Pajamas’, ‘Bob the Sponge’ and ‘Peppa Pig’ have in common? The cuteness and the fact that they were designed for children ? Yes, but this is in the official version. For Brazilian illustrator Yan Blanco , 24, they represent just one way to create a fantasy art full of creativity. This is because, the artist in love with horror films, created scary versions of these characters. Get the kids out of the room!

1. Peppa Pig

scary characters versions 1

In his series, full of characters that were part of our childhood, even vegetables such as broccoli and carrots come to life. On this other side of art works, not even Santa Claus is unharmed. With a lot of creativity, the young man turns these cute and playful drawings into depressed, sad or angry 3D characters who could easily win a leading role in a horror film.

2. Bugs Bunny

scary characters versions 2

Yan started his career as an illustrator as a child, and until his teens he always knew he wanted to work with digital art . It was during the College of Graphic Design that he learned about Blender software , and from then on his life changed.

3. Tin Man

scary characters versions 3

Passionate about the 3D universe, if you are curious to see the frightening version of Bugs Bunny, a melancholy photograph of Tin Woodman or literally depressed bananas, Yan Blanco ‘s work is made for you!

4. Bananas in Pajamas

5. Ricky

6. Teletubbies

7. Mister Carrot

8. Brocoloco

9. Santa Claus

10. Bob the Sponge

11. The Junkie Fish

12. The Lonely Tree

13. The Carnivorous Plant

14. Pizza

15. The Boxing Pig


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