Esse enfeites sintetizam o verdadeiro significado do natal pra muitos de nós

por: Vitor Paiva

If the Christmas spirit suggests gratitude, the family gathering, the celebration of the congregation and the review of the past year as its greatest motivators, some sincere people admit that, behind all these fundamental sentimentalities, there is another determinant element for the party : the food. And not only the typical Christmas foods themselves , but the freedom to eat a lot and without guilt that also marks the passage to December 25th every year. It was to celebrate this aspect of the Christmas spirit that an American store launched a series of Christmas ornaments imitating our favorite foods.

Yes, because the food decorations of Cody Foster & Co. , a store in Valentine, a city in Nebraska, USA, are not restricted to turkey, french toast, panettone or nuts; they simulate bacon , sushi , beer, cold cuts, cheeses, bread, and even pepper, butter and Cup Noodles .

It is a truly varied and unorthodox Christmas menu, pleasing all tastes and styles, in a veritable feast to be hung on our Christmas trees to celebrate the tastiest side of the holiday season – and without restrictions .


























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Vitor Paiva
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